Conditional Attributes Field

Is there a way to display attribute fields conditionally?
For example if I choose an option in a select field a new field appears that can be filled.

Would be great to have this functionallity for me also.

Thanks, we’ll consider adding this feauture. In the current version, it’s possible using Categories - if you assign attributes to specific categories they will appear for listings within these categories only.

Sounds good, please can I be provided with a code snippet that shows the field when another field is filled?

Unfortunately there’s no simple code snippet for implementing this feature, please try using Categories for category-specific fields, e.g. you can use categories to separate the listing types and show different fields in the listing form depending on category.
If you want to make some Select attribute dependant on other Select attribute there’s also a workaround if you use a single Select attribute with hierarchical options.

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