Confused about direct vendor reg, or am i doing it wrong?

I have direct vendor reg on, permalinks (/%postname%) flushed multiple times and added /register-vendor/ to header menu, aand multiple vendor attributes. But i see no difference between vendor registration and “sign in” Except Both just bring me to a sign in form. If i register on either sign up form, i can still become a vendor either way by clicking settings, not that a new user would know settings would make them a vendor. Is this the way it is suppose to work?


If you are using the direct vendor registration feature, then you will not need to publish a listing to become a vendor, if you are registering through the Add Listings button, then you must have at least one published listing to become a vendor.

I believe this will be useful to you.

yes, im aware of that. but my question is, both /register-vendor/ and sign in bring me to the same sign in page, and have the same flow. a person registering either way sees the same thing, and has the same options available. the completion of vendor registration is under settings, which is available no matter how you sign up, if one is able to figure out thats how you become a vendor. it doesnt make sense and im wondering if im doing something wrong. I would assume vendor reg would be different than normal reg. Vendor reg > redirect to profile settings > done. But either way some signs up, they can click settings and become a vendor, so what the point of having both if they are the same. And another thing, no one is going to know they have to click “settings” and complete that to become a vendor

thanks, i think i got it. I changed “/register-vendor” to “” in the menu and now it works / redirects to complete profile, it wasnt before.

well that didnt work. my whole reg process is a mess. I got the complete vendor profile to show. After clicking save nothing happens, but i dont know what is suppose to happen. if a person tries to sign up normally, they are also taken to complete vendor profile. if they attempt to submit listing, it redirects them back to complete profile. on the back end, in both scenario, both are subscribers. so the vendor ends up a subscribor who is redirected back to complete profile if clicking add listing. a user goes thru the same process


These are completely different registration processes, as I wrote to you earlier, direct registration does not require adding a listing, and registration through Add Listing means that you need to create a listing. These two registrations provide an opportunity for a client to get the role of Contributor, just in the first version without adding a listing, in the second - with the addition of a listing. If you register through direct registration, you need to fill out the Complete Profile form, while adding a listing does not require filling out the Complete Profile unless you have a mandatory attribute for vendors. The Subscriber role is a regular user who is not a vendor.

ok, thanks

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