Connect booking system with third-party platforms

Do you know how to connect my Rentalhive booking system with the booking system of other website so when a place is for rent in two different websites there are not two different people renting the same place the same days?
Thank you in advance!

In the current version, it’s possible if third-party websites that you want to integrate support iCal syncing, e.g. it’s supported by major platforms like Airbnb and Booking. If you enable this in HivePress/Settings/Bookings, each listing will have an import/export iCal URLs for syncing.

Okay! Thank you so much.

And what do I have to do with the iCal URL once I have enabled it in Hivepress/Settings/Booking?


If you add a new listing or edit the existing one, there should be new fields in the listing form, Booking Import URLand Booking Export URL.

For example, if you paste the Google Calendar iCal link to the Booking Import URL field, this listing will import the blocked dates from the Google Calendar. Similarly, setting the Booking Export URL link in the Google Calendar settings will import blocked dates from the listing.

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