Consult how to display vendor information in the listings page with other Themes

I changed to use a new theme (Kadence or GeneratePress), and then my listings page, every listing information displayed, lacked the information of the vendor, and added the release time and category. I’m wondering how can I make Vendor show up on the listing page under other themes?

Additional instructions, the reason I tried to change the theme and didn’t use HivePress is that it seems that Hivepress is a little slow. Every time I switch the menu, it keeps going in circles, as shown in the picture below (I haven’t added any extra content), I wish it would look faster (as smooth as static web page transitions).

When switching menus, I have to wait for this turn every time. It feels so slow.

This would require customizations because HivePress doesn’t show the vendor info in the listing block, this depends on the theme (for example TaskHive has this layout change implemented).
You can disable the page loader in Appearance/Customize/Homepage section, also I recommend using some caching plugin, for example you can follow this tutorial How to Speed up a Directory or Marketplace Website Built with HivePress | HivePress Blog
Hope this helps.

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