Cost breakdowns on pending bookings page

Hi, is there a way to show the cost breakdowns on the bookings details pages? In this example, see image below: I would like to see the cost of the booking per day ($250 / day) for 5 itemized days, the total Cleaning Fee (a one time cost - this can be at the bottom since it is a one time fee), and the daily booking fee ($5 / day), also itemized per day. And at the bottom the overall total cost of the booking request. I added the cost into the line item’s description area so that I could see the cost, normally it is not even shown.

Thanks in advance.

Unfortunately, there’s no such feature for booking requests (pending bookings), but when the booking is paid you will be able to check this detailed information in the linked order.

OK, so is there a way to copy that code within my child theme? As currently, see above image, the customer has no idea how much they owe on a booking.

We are planning to fix this in future updates. The price is displayed only after the booking is confirmed (and if you click pay now on the request). It is not shown in the request itself.

That’s great, but my client wants this now … can you just tell me where the code is and I can duplicate it in my child theme for the short term. Also, the details don’t show up until after the payment is confirmed. I just did a test and confirmed a booking and the customer still can’t see what they are paying until they click on “Pay now” and start the eComm process. And even that is not broken down enough. I can’t see what I am paying for the location per day vs. the 5 days of booking fees. I have to do too much math on my own.

I think it’s too late in the process for the customer to not be able to see what totals they are paying.

I just realized it may be somewhere in the bookings plugin… What is the ETA for you to get it done?

Unfortunately there’s no simple code snippet for this, if it’s possible please wait for the next Bookings update - it’s planned for next week. In the current version, customers see the total price on the booking confirmation page (so they confirm the total amount) and then when they click Pay Now on a booking request.

We’ll also try to improve the total calculation UX, to make it more clear.

Will this update include a price breakdown on every page, meaning to say the listing page, next page and on the payment page?
will there also be a token to be able to include those info in the confirmation email?

We’ll include the total price to the booking request page, currently this issue occurs for booking requests only because when the order is paid, it’s possible to view the pricing details via the linked order.

Please when is this update coming?

It’ll be included to the next Bookings update, it’s already being tested, the release is expected within 2-3 days max.

Wow, thank you so much.

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