Country Calling Code issue in phone attributes

I want users can add phone numbers manually without choosing country code,
Because for multilingual website in RTL language mode, numbers are not shown in correct way and shown like this 74003248001+

Is there any snippets php code or css code for fixing this issue?!

Please check this topic How to add phone number in a proper format | HivePress Support

Thanks for guide. I’ve add a text attribute and restrict allowed characters using this Regex pattern:


but in the chrome browser on Android devices, phone numbers haven’t any active hypertext for calls and text messages and users can not click on phone number for easy calls.

in your default phone attributes hypertext for the phone number is working and users can click to call.

My issue is country calling code doesn’t work for RTL themes and phone numbers are shown like this 78783338001+

Please let me know how to remove the country calling code to use the direct phone attribute with click to call feature.

Sorry, there’s no simple code snippet - this requires advanced customizations. Please try to create a custom text attribute as described in this topic How to add phone number in a proper format | HivePress Support

To make it clickable it is possible to set <a href="tel:%value%">%value%</a> as Display format for this attribute

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