Create a new field in the host record - customization

I need to link in the registration of each new host through the mandatory information of a numeric or text field, with a length of 11 characters, which I will call CPF.

However, if the new host has been indicated by another host (already registered) I would like to include other optional information in the numeric or text field, with a length of 11 characters, which I will call CPF_LINK.

How can I include and customize these new fields in the hosts register?

Note on screens 01 and 02, how the CPF and CPF_LINK fields will be included.

  1. screen 01
    After confirmation of registration by email, the host informs EMAIL, PASSWORD and CPF

  2. SCREEN 02
    The value of the CPF field is transported to screen 02, and there is a new CPF_LINK field to be filled in.

Please try using vendor attributes for this purpose, you can create these attributes in Vendors/Attributes and mark them as Editable. They will not appear in the default registration form for all users, but vendors will not be able to skip these attributes if you mark them as Required (e.g. adding the first listing or registration as a vendor directly will show the Complete Profile form with these fields).

If you mean making one attribute dependent on another one it’s possible, but in the current version this would require code customizations.

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