Create a therapist directory

Hi, I’ve been tasked to do a directory like :

Where what’s listed are the Drs. (I guess vendors in hivepress) but there’s no listings… Can I do it with Hivepress… whats the 'suggested path?


There are two ways to build this kind of website using the ExpertHive theme:

  1. You can allow doctors (vendors) to add service listings (e.g., “Consultation with ECG” or “Examination”, etc.) and users will be able to check each service separately. You can check out this video to get a better idea of this kind of a website How to Create a Doctor Appointment Booking Platform with WordPress [No Coding Required] - YouTube

  2. You use listings as “doctor profiles”. Meaning that each listing will be a separate doctor profile (as shown in your example). In that case, you can simply hide the vendor’s icon on each listing.

Also, you can simply disable front-end listing submission and allow direct vendor registration. In that case, you can show a list of vendors (as shown in the video that I mentioned) but you won’t be able to create such detailed profiles as in your example.

So I would recommend you the 2nd option. I think it’s the best option. Users will be able to add detailed descriptions, use different listing fields & search filters and so on.

Hi I kind of like the idea… What’s making me some noise is that, I would need to disable the chance to make more than one listing, and how to show the verified vendor check if i hide the vendor data block from the listing page, and how do I show the contact/message option…

And How do you Hide vendor block? on the listing page


You can hide the vendors’ block in the HivePress > Settings > Vendors section (Display option), or it’s possible with a simple CSS code snippet.

If you hide the Vendor block, users can still use messages and click on the “Reply to Listing” button.

Concerning “verified”, you enable moderation and accept each new listing manually (basically publish only verified users, so there will be no need to create a special badge).

But The badge has a psycological impact on the visitor… Somehow they get asured that the vendor has been checked… If you see the sample link I sent, you can see on the dr profile this kind of mark…

I understand, but I would recommend you check the “main features” first and decide whether a theme includes the necessary functionality for your website (e.g., custom fields/ filters, memberships, paid listings and so on). Small things like “badges” can be customized later or via third-party solutions.


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