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is it possible allow create event for any expert in addition of appointments? it could be very useful because expert make money doing appointments but also offering pay events.

If by events you mean listings with a single date and the ability to pay for it, then it may be possible if you restrict Bookings to other categories in HivePress/Settings/Bookings, and for the event category you can add a custom Date attribute that will display the event date. You can also enable quantity in HivePress/Settings/Listings/Selling to allow sellers to limit the number of places that can be purchased for an event.

You right ihor but if you think about the user experience when the mandatory fields to be filled in to create a service and/or an event are combined, making the experience slow and cumbersome. In this case, it would be good to enable a drop-down menu field to be able to choose the type of creation: if it is a service or an event, so that based on it, more or less options of fields appear to achieve a clean and simple creation process.

My solution could be create condicional fields to allow a more curated experience when combined service AND event types.

What Is your opinion about this?

What do you suggest?

Thanks un Advance

Thanks for your feedback. It’s already possible if you use separate top-level categories for Events and Services, then you can create category-specific fields in Listings/Attributes, to prevent mixing event-specific and service-specific attributes. For bookings, you can enable time slots in the Services category only, while events will be bookable by dates.

Thanks Ihor for your good intention but the experience is so bad.

  1. we have a problem because only service (one to many - event) need the option to assign quantity not service like (one to one).

  2. when you have a lot of categories and subcategories for example 50 categories of services + 50 categories for events is very difficult using scroll to be able to search among all the options in the drop-down menu, there are 100 categories is very complicated. here you have an image about this

what I suggest is to add a general field called type of service to avoid duplication of categories by type of service (one to one service and other one to many-event) so that it is sustainable over time… what do you suggest?

  1. Please share more details about this issue, by default there’s a one-to-many relationship between vendors and listings.

  2. This fix is on the roadmap, we’ll add multi-step selection or at least a search field in the drop-down.

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