Create booking instead of order

  1. When a request offer is accepted and paid for, it creates an order but not a booking. I think this is confusing for users, who are used to looking for information about things they’ve reserved in the Booking section. Is there a way to make it create a booking?

  2. In the “requests” section (in profile section), there isn’t a button to edit the request. How can someone who submitted a request edit it?

  3. In the “requests” section (in profile section), there isn’t an option to close a request that has been fulfilled. How can that be done by a user? NOTE: I don’t mean an expiration, I mean closing it out ahead of the expiration date because it’s been fulfilled and is no longer needed.

  4. There isn’t an option for the user or host to cancel the order or booking. Can that be fixed?


  1. Unfortunately, there is no such possibility, as bookings are not associated with requests.

  2. Sorry, there’s no such option now, but users can delete and add another request if required. Currently, it works this way to prevent changing the request requirements after the order is made or the offer is accepted.

  3. The request is automatically deleted after the offer order receives a confirmed status.

  4. You can cancel a booking using the Cancel booking button, in all statuses, from the user side, and from the host side using the Decline booking button if the booking is in pending status. As for orders, this is possible only through the dispute function or by contacting the administrator directly.

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