Create custom category with custom url to post listing and view listings

A normal category when you click and the page is homepage appear all listing for that category. Otherwise after pressing add listing button all categories appears and after click in one the listing process continues.

How to create a custom category and select the image, url that will go if was clicked on homepage and a different url to go after clicking on add listing button?

Please send more details about this issue. Currently category pages have 2 display modes - they display listings by default, but you can check the “Display subcategories instead of listings” then subcategories will be displayed.

Exacly, I was describing the display subcategories mode, there is some way to create a new category and change the url destination after clicking on that category??

Unfortunately there’s no such option, if you create a listing category and use the Listing Categories block to show it (or it’s displayed somewhere automatically, e.g. on the listing search pages) then it’s always linked to its own page (where the category listings are displayed).

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