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I wonder if I could create two registration buttons, one for the user to only be able to interact with the review and chat extension, and another for those who are going to list, both having their separate panel/dashboard?

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This is how it works by default in our extension.

If you enable the Allow direct registration feature in HivePress > Settings > Vendors (Hosts), then a user can directly register as a vendor (but note that you need to create a custom /register-vendor link in Appearance > Menus and display it in the header of the site, for example).

The user and vendor dashboards differ because the user does not have most of the tabs that the vendor has.

If you do not enable direct registration for vendors, then users can register through one form, but they will become a vendor when they have at least one published listing.

​I hope this is helpful to you.

If I do this, can I integrate the purchase that the user makes with his permission to advertise?

Hi. First I want to say that what you do and what you offer as a base script is great, and is well appreciated. But, I’m coming here to ask the same thing as renan. I’ve put quite a bit of work into adopting Hivepress for a big project, but this is a big stumbling block and a real no no for me. It’s vital for users and advertisers/vendors to have a separate sign up page and separate panel once logged in. It must be setup so that a user can’t add a listing at all. I see this as a real problem, and I’ve seen many posts asking about separate sign up and options once logged in.

What you do is amazing, so it’s not a criticism, but I think it’s a bigger stumbling block than you think. It’s made me think about not using Hivepress, which means no purchases for extensions.

My php skills are a bit out of date and basic. I was thinking of adding an extra field to the sign up page, like a select field with ‘User’ or ‘Vendor’ account and then some ‘If’ statement to hide the Add Listing button if the person chooses a ‘user’ account. Is there an easy way to do this?

I ask with greatest of respect.

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If you mean charging vendors for registering directly unfortunately there’s no such option yet, but you can monetize adding, featuring and renewing listings via Paid Listings extension.

Thanks for the detailed feedback, we’ll consider adding an option to separate the user/vendor registration flows completely, but currently it’s similar to eBay, Etsy and other peer-to-peer platforms where you can register as a buyer and then become a seller anytime, without registering a separate account. It’s similar on other peer-to-peer platforms like Airbnb, where you can be a customer and a host at the same time (using the same account).

If you want to make these account types distinct there are a few workarounds like hiding the Add Listing button and using a custom form for approving vendors.

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