Create listings on behalf of vendors

As administrators, we have created a few listings on behalf of users who required assistance in doing so, but are now unable to reassign the listing to the appropriate vendor profile. We have the functionality available when a vendor/user creates their own listing, but it’s greyed out when we use and administrator profile to do so.

Wondering if there’s a way to unlock this / have the ability to create listings on behalf of vendors from time-to-time?

I 2nd this feature request.


Please move this listing to draft status, saving and refreshing the page. Then, check if the selection is available.

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Thank you for the suggestion - the listing has always been in draft status per screenshot. I’ve tried moving it to “pending review” to see if that’s a workaround seeing as I have the ability to change the vendor in another user’s listing, but that also didn’t change anything. It seems all the new listings the vendors are locked.

Just solved it! You can only change the vendor AFTER the listing is published - now that we’ve published the listing, the vendor selection option is available again.
Suggestion is to publish the listing as “private”, then change the vendor, and then change the listing to “public” for listings that you want to create on behalf of users :slight_smile:
Only challenge now is how do we make that user a vendor? They’re only showing up under “users” in the backend, not under our “vendors”.

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I’m pretty sure if you change their role to contributor it will make them a vendor. This is the role users are assigned when they initially create a listing on their own.

Tried this but didn’t work. What did solve it was creating a new vendor profile and assigning it to the user! Now they have a vendor profile and we were able to assign the listing to them :slight_smile:

Thank you for your suggestion!

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