Create separate transfers to different account on Stripe


We have been configuring Stripe and HP and we are facing a problem.
When sending money to Stripe after a Listing is complete is made a transfer from our intermediate account to Vendor Express account, but we would like to make another transfer to our comission account, so we don’t keep the money from comissions on the intermediate account that also have all the Listing money.

Stripe make available this option:

As you can see there is an option to make two separate transfers, one to Vendor and another to our comission accout so we can separate the money from comissions and the money to Vendors.

I have been reading the topic:

And it seems this is a problem with the money transfered from HP to Stripe.
It seems the solutions is to make manual payouts, so we can control what is payd to Vendors and what is comission money.

Have one intermediate account with comissions and Listing money can be confusing so we would like to have another account on Stripe just with the comissions.

Do you have any solution to this problem?

Bernardo Barradas

Thanks for the detailed feedback. Unfortunately there’s no such feature yet, all the funds left after payouts (transfers to linked Express accounts) are considered commissions, since it’s a difference between the revenue amount and the vendor’s share. It’s possible to transfer the commission part to a specific linked Express account or a Standard one, but this would require code customizations (e.g. to trigger another transfer via API when the vendor’s transfer is triggered).

Yes that would be perfect, do you have any hook so I can add another transfer?
Or some way to intercept when the transfer to vendor is triggered?


Yes, you can try using this one:


It’s a filter hook but you can check the transfer parameters and make another transfer when this hook is fired.

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