Create Stripe connect account via API

I need a workaround to create a Stripe account via API, there is any webhook for this, instead of redirecting user to Stripe platform?
We need this because our users need to create two kind of account, one for payments on Stripe, and another for invoice in InvoiceExpress platform, the second I can send the request via API, but for Stripe is being redirected to Stripe platform, and that is not good because user need to fill the fields twice, one for the invoice platform and another for Stripe.
I don’t know if I explain well, any question feel free to ask please.
I just need a way to send a request to stripe to create an account and at the same time create an account for Invoiceexpress, my users fill the fields once, and two accounts are created.
If there is any webhook to workaround “Proceed to Stripe” it will be perfect, and send the request to Stripe to create an account.


As far as we know, there is no such possibility, as the user must accept Stripe terms and go through the onboarding process. However, if you have development knowledge, I recommend that you review the Stripe documentation in more detail or contact their support.

Hi Andrii,
I’m just wondering if you have some webhook where I can pass the Stripe Account Id, before going to “Proceed to Stripe”.
If I pass the account ID, Stripe will know that an account was already created and I will not need to fullfill all fields, just some that I didnt send on the request to create a Stripe account.

Yes, there’s no webhook but if you add some code that set the “hp_stripe_id” meta field for the vendor profile (“hp_vendor” post type) then the Stripe account onboarding redirect will be skipped.

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