Creating a Vendor Booking


  1. I was hoping there is a feature where the vendor could create a booking on their listing without going through the checkout process. The calendar feature to block/unblock days does not work in my case because I use the available days attribute in my listings.

  2. Is there a way I can hide that block/unblock button on the calendars? I feel this will get confusing to my vendors.


  1. Unfortunately, there’s no such feature, it would require a custom implementation.
    But we recommend keeping these buttons.

  2. Please provide more details on why you need to hide the block, it’s the only option, and it’s easier to create bookings this way.

  1. Okay I will keep that in mind!

  2. Those buttons do not work in my case because each day could have several available slots to be booked. I’ve enable multiple bookings per day because it’s an event booking marketplace. I also use the Available dates attribute that your customization team implemented for me, meaning those buttons do not function properly anymore.

Thanks for the clarification. If you enabled Multiple Bookings option unfortunately there’s no option to block dates partially yet, indeed the only workaround in this case is making a booking manually (with a specific number of places).

Could this be done via customizations whenever y’all are able to offer them again?

Is there a way to hide those block/unblock buttons on the listing calendars??

Please try this CSS snippet:

.fc-block-button, .fc-unblock-button {display:none!important}

Unfortunately we can’t help with this customization and this time, we have a new developer so we planned to start with non-complex projects.

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Is there a way for the Vendors to create a manual booking without going through the checkout process??


Unfortunately, there’s no such feature, only administrators can create bookings manually.
Vendors can manually block the dates, unfortunately, this is the only workaround.

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