CRM integration via webhooks

Any guidance on the best way to forward information from HivePress events to Zoho CRM. There’s a component of Zoho One called flow that allows integrations and sequences using webhooks. Wondering if anyone has done any CRM integration and can propose the best path forward via a WordPress plugin, 3rd party automation or custom code.


Please provide an example of an event, there may be a simple snippet - HivePress has API hooks for many events like user registration, approving a listing, etc.

Hi Yevhen, pretty much that. User registration and claiming/approving/adding a listing. Where can I find all the hooks?


This requires customizations, but if you have a developer for custom work please use these WordPress actions for calling custom functions:


You can find the full reference here Home | HivePress Hook Reference
Hope this helps.

thanks for the speedy response and I am a developer actually. I wanted to know of any other options prior to digging in with child themes, custom functions, hooks,etc. Thank you for the actions and reference. Just what I needed. The HivePress plugin is amazing, you and your team have done a wonderful job!

Thank you! If you have a minute, please rate it on the WordPress repository [HivePress - Multipurpose Directory, Listing & Classifieds WordPress Plugin] Reviews | Any feedback is appreciated.

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