CSS classes for ListingHIve

There are CSS classes like “content-title”. Is there somewhere a list of all CSS classes?

Thanks for reply!

Please try to use Developer Tools to view CSS classes View and change CSS - Chrome Developers

I mean especially for you Theme. I saw in one of your Videos, that the person in the video enters the the CSS class “content-title” to one header in the wordpress editor. Then an yellow line appeared over the Header text. Are more classes like “content-title” avaliable? Maybe for buttons?

Yes, this is the only “helper” class that’s not documented, other classes are added automatically, e.g. if you edit the page content via the native WordPress block editor you can simply add the Buttons block, and the necessary classes will be added by the editor. You can also inspect classes via the browser developer tools and re-use them anywhere if needed View and change CSS - Chrome Developers

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