CSS Code does not work


I inserted the mentioned CSS code in Snippets and got an error message. I also tried it in the CSS Customize section and there was also an error.

This was the code from the topic:
Button Text

How can I change the website hyperlink into a button?

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Please check this doc on how to add snippets: How to add custom code snippets - HivePress Help Center

Please also provide us with more details:
What error do you get?
What code are you trying to add?

Let us know.


thanks for your reply.

I added the snippet as “continuing the discussion” below my question.
The snippet is
Button Text

I added the code in plugin Snippets.

Please find error attached.


Unfortunately, it won’t work that way because you are not adding PHP code but HTML code. You can add a button using the attributes; please check this doc as a sample How to add a WhatsApp button - HivePress Help Center

I thank you so much! It did work and my customers are happy.

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