CSS override

Hi everyone,

I would to write and insert some Override CSS lines. Where can I do that ?
Thank you

If you want to make CSS changes then please try to add custom CSS code snippets to Appearance/Customize/Additional CSS field.

Thank you for your reply Yevhen, I know already this option but it is not really that I would.
I would to work on a real CSS file, something like “custom.css” accesible via FTP for example.
Do you know if that is possible ?

Yes, the other option is creating a child theme and keeping all the CSS customizations in its style.css file.

Just to continue on this topic.

Im currently using the code-snippets plugin to add css and php. If i were to go over to using a child theme, how does that work exactly?

Can I just copy over my CSS to a blank styles.css file and my php to a blank function.php file within the childtheme. Then that code would be added together with the main theme?

Any performance advantages in running a childtheme over the code-snippets plugin?

The reason im asking is because my code-snippets plugin is occasionally giving me errors.

Sorry for highjacking the thread.

Please do not put CSS code snippet with the Code Snippets plugin or the similar one. It can cause errors. Please put CSS code snippets to Appearance/Customize/Additional CSS

There is no big difference between child theme and code snippets. But with the Code Snippets plugin or the similar one, it is easy to manage different PHP code snippets.

I think the possibility to add a real custom css.file will be a good feature to add in next versions.
I saw that in other themes and it is very convenient.

Thank you for your reply anyway :slight_smile:

Thanks, we’ll consider adding this feature. Using a child theme is recommended in the current version because it keeps all the customizations outside of the main theme folder (it gets overridden on updates).

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