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Hello team,

Thank you back last year for adding the “booking questions’ customization per listing category” feature (Category-specific booking attributes - #11 by Stu)

This is working well, however, my client is additionally requesting for further booking question customization, and they want it customizable per listing. Will this be possible? A repeater field feature was suggested back in July from the conversation in the link above.


It’s possible if you have the Marketplace extension that, you can enable the Allow sellers to add requirements feature in HivePress > Settings > Orders > Requirements, then, in the checkout form, a field with questions appears.


Thanks for the reply.

I tried the above settings, and I now see the “Requirements” field on the vendors’ front end “Edit” menu. Is this only editable from the front end?

Also, I have confirmed “Save Changes” after entering the above questions, but these are not appearing after “Request to Book”.
What setting(s) can I be missing?


You can also add these fields through the admin panel by editing the listing or adding a new one.

This feature works for orders. You need to install the Marketplace extension and set up payment.
Then, this feature will appear in the Checkout form, where the user can select requirements.

Thanks, Andrii! Yes, I see these fields can be edited from the admin panel.

I still don’t see these sets of questions to appear along the booking flow.
Could you please advise?

I have:

  • the Marketplace extension installed
  • set up a offline payment method under WooCommerce > Setting > Payments. I don’t intend to process any payment on my website at the moment. Customers would pay the vendor directly.
  • updated the subject listing, and tried the booking process again, but I don’t see any difference in the screen flow.

Sorry for the confusion, this feature was specifically added for the Marketplace extension, so it appears for paid bookings only, not for booking requests. If you set the requirements, and the booking request is approved (if required for bookings, you can also disable this for instant bookings) users can proceed to payment (checkout page), and requirement fields will appear there.

Hello Ihor,

Understood, thank you for the explanation.

This requirements field feature looks like a great solution to my situation (= booking questions customizable per listing).
Can you implement this feature for booking requests as well?

Thanks, we’ll check if it’s possible to duplicate the same feature for the booking request, this way customers will also not have to fill these again if they proceed to payment.

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