Custom HTML in Attribute Labels

In listing attributes, I passed some HTML in Display - Format, which works great on viewing the listings, but doesn’t show up on the create listing form. Is there a way to have this show on the entry forms as well? See attachments and below is the html.

<h2>Requirements / Minimums</h2>
%label% %value%


Unfortunately, there is no format display for edit context yet. It is only used for values.

Any chance in future releases? I tried playing with line 439 of hivepress/includes/forms/class-form.php, just not clear on where to grab the display info.


Unfortunately, this feature is not added to the roadmap, but thanks for your suggestion, we’ll consider adding this feature.

Found this…


display_template will work, but only where the attribute value is displayed.
And where its field is displayed, it will not work, this is a restriction on the part of the code.

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