Custom URL slugs

Hi to everyone,

Is there a possibility to customize slug default Hivepress pages ?

For exemple the dashboard slug : /account/vendor/dashboard/


Yes, public URL slugs can be changed in Settings/Permalinks, but private URL slugs (like this one of the vendor dashboard) require custom code snippets slug - account , submit_listing and respective descending pages | HivePress Support Please consider leaving private URLs “as is” because these are not indexed by Google (so they don’t affect SEO) and users most likely don’t care about URLs in the browser address bar.


Thank you ihor for your reply.

The filter are changing slugs well :slight_smile:

Thank you for the informations by the way ! I just want to apply french language to the all site (it’s a detail), but you’re right there is not a lot of people who look at url :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hello team, I need to change the 3-page slug because it does affect the seo.

Services page

Expert page

Page of request

Ya he dado con la soluciĂłn
Gracias de todos modos por el fantástico trabajo que habéis desarrollado.

You can edit pages in Dashboard > Pages and modify the URL structure in the Page>Permalink section on the right.

Aportodas’ English Translation:

I have found the solution. Regardless, thanks for the fantastic job you have done.


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