Customize email notifications

When will you improve how we can customize email notifications?

Currently, if you overwrite your settings, everything is written on 1 line as html, space, bullets, etc are not supported in the body message, which makes email notifications unprofessional and messy.

I hope that you will consider some improvements as it’s quite basic. Thanks

I’m not sure what the issue you are having is, but I have no problem getting the custom email to have spaces between the lines like this:

Hello User name

Thank you for completing the registration bla bla

We are gratefull that… so and so

If you have any questions

Thomas Thomasson
Team super cool

This is what i did but got everything on 1 line. Strange. I will try again. Thanks

Email overwrite is working fine except that:

  1. subject with token is lost (there is no token to add page title as reference for instance)
  2. following tokens are missing: %sender_email%, %sender_url%
  3. following tokens are not working %message%, %sender%, %recipient% - some have been replaced and not even updated such as %message% replaced by %message_text%
  • Please note that i only tested “Message received”.
  • HivePress > Edit Emails needs some housecleaning, and tokens carefully checked again.

Please try using tokens from the Details section of the selected email event (when you select it and save changes, the Details section will appear). Tokens like %message%, %sender%, %recipient% are object-like, they require the field name, e.g.:


And what about %sender_email% or %sender_url%? What is the token for the sender’s email address? Thanks


Please use the token for the sender email.

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