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Hi, my site is here and i am trying to sort out this page

But i am struggling with the blocks. I want the page to look something like this so it looks more professional, but i cannot find anything in the blocks to help me

the only thing i did find was latest articles which wa not great for a few reasons. one is, it only showed five articles and did not give me the option of choosing how many articles i want to show and also it was very basic. i am trying to have my website designed professionally but it seems that this template and blocks offers limited design features. can you please give me some advice

I want to be able to show the press releases people have bought in a professional manner

Yes, in TaskHive blog has a list view for posts, some of our other themes have grid view (e.g. ExpertHive, JobHive). It’s possible to set the number of posts per page in Settings/Reading.

that does not really answer my question. are there instructions on using the blocks. as i have said, in the blocks where it has the latest article widget, it only shows a few articles. there are no settings to increase it.

any chance we can start getting proper answers to the questions please.

Please note that this is a WordPress theme, it designs layouts and our HivePress plugin adds extra marketplace functionality to WordPress, but most of the features you see in dashboard are not related to our theme and plugin, these are core WordPress features.

For example, the widget you described is not implemented by our theme, it’s a core WordPress widget Display WordPress Posts Legacy Widget – Support

We already processed a refund of your payment (you should get an email from Paddle, our payment processor). Please note that the refund also terminates the updates and support for the license key. I sincerely hope that you’ll find a better theme for your site, with better docs and support included.

My complaint and rightly so and a complaint that i am seeing on lots of review sites is the lack of communication. I sent more than 12 emails to support and received nothing. Not a professional way to run a company

Sorry for the inconvenience. Please let me know which email address you set for these emails, maybe there was a typo in the email address?

We reply to all the emails and forum topics (as you can see all the topics are answered) at least once per 24 hours, including weekends and any holidays.

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