Customize the dynamic booking price calculation

Hi Team,

So I am working on a custom feature for our website and I have added a new field in the form booking_make as shown below.

It seems there is a onblur event when we introduce “horas por dia” (we translated it, but it should be number of guests) and it update the price of the booking automatically. I have been checking where is the code/logic to calculate this price without success.

I have been checking in the booking controller in the hivepress-booking plugin.
Does anyone know where is that code located?

What I need basically is add a extra value based on the new field that I created (“Numero horas”).

Many thanks in advance!


We recommend using existing available features that you can customize without using code. Please check these docs: How to add guests to bookings - HivePress Help Center or How to enable price extras - HivePress Help Center

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Hi Andrii,

Thanks for your replay. I just put the license key in my profile.

So, yeah I am already using the feature of ‘guests’, I renamed it to ‘horas por dia’ if you check in the image above, however, I need another attribute like that (guests), but I am calling it ‘numero horas’ for a different thing. The extra price feature does not provide an input to the user like the ‘guests’ where the user can introduce a number. seems like extra prices are only checkboxes.

I am not using the hivepress framework for a ‘booking’ application.

Let me provide context, I am using the guests feature for something like ‘cups of coffee per day’(let’s say this is X) and the other field that I am trying to implement is ‘cups of extra coffee per booking’ (lets say this is Y), so the user usually will drink X cups of coffee per day, but he can drink extra coffees during the whole booking, that is when Y comes in. e.g the user selects X=2 and Y=2 and the booking has a duration of 3 days, it means that the client will drink 2 coffee per day but he has 2 extra coffees during the service, so He can drink 1 more on the first day, and the other in the 2/3 or even consume the other 2 extra coffees in 1 day. I hope that is clear enough.

In regards to, modify the code, yeah I am just trying to understand the flow and implement a code snippet or something to add the logic to calculate the total properly with the new field ‘numero horas’.

Many thanks in advance


Thanks for the details, but you need a custom implementation here. You can add a new field using the hivepress/v1/forms/listing_buy hook and then catch the value in hivepress/v1/models/listing/cart and change the price there depending on what you specified in the field.

I believe this will be useful to you.

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