Customize the listing block

hi, I ask if it is possible to customize the grid, with the list of posts, in the Listings Page.

is it possible to add the category name as a css class to the “article” element?

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Yes, it’s possible but requires code customizations. If you’re familiar with PHP please try using the hivepress/v1/templates/listing_view_block/blocks filter hook for this purpose, you can check sample code snippets here Search · user:hivepress hivepress/v1/templates · GitHub

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hi, thanks for the answer, but my question was for this type of page:

I saw that the filter, which he showed me, works on the post detail page, correct?


The suggested filter works for the listing block Screenshot by Lightshot So it can be used to add a custom CSS class to the listing block container or overriding other listing elements.

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