Customize the Listing Submission Confirmation Message

Hello HivePress Community,

I’m working on customizing the confirmation message that users receive after submitting a listing on my platform. I have manual validation enabled for each new listing submission. I’ve already looked into Loco Translate but couldn’t find the specific text I need to modify.

The current confirmation message includes a variable for the [listing name], and I want to ensure that while I change the text of the message, the variable remains functional and intact. Could you guide me on how to modify this message, particularly with the variable in place?

I’m looking for detailed instructions or pointers to the specific file or setting within HivePress where I can make this change without affecting the variable functionality.

Your assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your help!

Best regards,
Clik’N Loc

Sorry for the delay. Yes, the easiest way is using Loco Translate, please make sure that you followed the same steps (but adding the language of your website instead of English) How to translate HivePress - HivePress Help Center There’s a %s variable in the translated text so you can keep and move it without any issues.

I’ve found the translation !

Thank you !

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