Customize the single listing page

I’m trying to customize the Listing page from HivePress/Templates and I’m struggling a bit with Related Listings because I want to keep it on the page but seems like If I’m adding it like this

when no matches are found I’ll end up with this result (title displaying)
With the default Listing page if no matches then section is not displayed at all (no content, no title). I’ll very much want to know If what I want is achievable and if it is how then?
Many thanks in advance.

Unfortunately there’s no way to make this heading dependent on the next block rendering but we’ll try to fix this by including the heading to the block itself. If this is the last block on a page it may be possible to temporarily fix this with CSS, for example if you add some unique CSS class to this heading:

.related-listings-title:last-child {display:none}

Thank you so much for your reply. As a temporary fix your suggestion worked like magic.

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