Customize vendor profiles

I am getting to grips with Hivepress but it isn’t clear from the member dashboard where members go to fill in their profiles form their dashboard . I try under settings but this is basic user information.

Also I get primary and secondary blocks, But what is the difference between a primary and a secondary page?


Please go to the User Dashboard > Settings. These fields - are basic details about every vendor. If you want to customize it, please go to the WP Dashboard > Vendors > Attributes section and add new fields (they will appear on the front end).

Please check this doc How to add vendor profile fields - HivePress Help Center

Ok I have added the fields, that’s not the issue, its the presentation I am struggling with.

Where do members go to edit their profile page? Do I have to create a page for this?


They can edit it in their User Dashboards > Settings section. The new fields should appear there.
Once a new field is added - they should visit their dashboards to update their info.

Ok I see the profile but I do not see any of the additional fields added.

Just first name, last name, email, profile info, and password change.

It is the vendor profile that I need to show. This is where I added all the fields to.

Actually I found this which answers some of my question. Is there a way to add it to the back end of the membership profile? The hack I thought was right defaults to ‘my-account’.

if you add a service and approve it, then your user will become a vendor .

At this point, the other fields will be there to edit when you click on dashboard settings from the front end.

if the user doesnt have any service included and approved, then the profile will have only the user options to edit, not the vendor ones.

did you add a service and approve it to test the vendor profile?

Hi Rudy

I ahve done all of that. As far as I have got, I have managed to add complete profile link which does the job.

But when the profile page has been completed by the user, it defaults to the home page. Is there a way where the user can access their profile settings whether they have completed it or not?

Actually I found it under settings.

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