Customizing colors, fonts, etc

Hello there!
I’m looking to build a website and it seems like Hive Press will solve the problems to a lot of questions I’ve run into. Keeping in mind that I’m definitely, definitely, definitely an amateur here, I wanted to ask — do we have the capability to change the style of the themes? Obviously the point of a theme is to have a style, but I’m looking to create a member-based site that has an extremely minimal theme (for ex: Craigslist), and I don’t want to have a bunch of unnecessary design elements that will conflict with the site’s overall aesthetic. Or, is the solution not to install a theme? Totally lost here so I appreciate the patience!

Sure, you can change the logo, main colors, background images, fonts, etc. You can try our starter ListingHive theme, it’s pretty minimalist and you can test everything locally. We have this course that may be useful

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