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Are we able to copy various template files into the theme directory to alter things? It doesn’t seem to be working for me. Everywhere I look, even in some older HivePress posts, you’re supposed to be able to create the same paths and file structure in your theme folder and make edits to things as you see fit, but none of my changes are showing. I’ve triple checked and the file structures, names, folders are all correct.

Any idea why the theme wouldn’t inherit updated files? I was under the impression this was default Wordpress behavior.

Please try following this tutorial to customize templates Customizing Templates I HivePress Developer Docs - YouTube
There are 3 ways:

  1. Using CSS tweaks.
  2. Overriding the array of template blocks via the Filter: hivepress/v1/templates/{template_name}/blocks | HivePress Hook Reference
  3. Overriding separate template parts by copying them to the child theme.
    If you mean overriding template parts please make sure that the file path is correct, e.g. if you copied the hivepress/templates/listing/view/page/listing-title.php file, then the path should be child-theme-name/hivepress/listing/view/page/listing-title.php. Then the copied file will override the default one.
    You can also override layouts without code changes using the Templates feature, but it’s still in Beta Overview | HivePress Templates - YouTube

Ahhhhhh thanks for that! It’s not an EXACT path replication. I had theme/hivepress/templates/ etc. but you have to remove “templates” and it works.

Awesome - thanks!

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