Customizing the new message email

How to send notification of a message not only to whom the message was sent, but also to the owner of the site

I found how to solve my problem, how can I send an email in a message ?

How can I send the email address of who the message came from ?

You can try adding the field names after the token (via the dot), for example:


It’s the same for the recipient token.

Thank you very much, it’s not so obvious because the prompts don’t say to use the double construction, %sender." "%

how to send specific messages, to different emails. Example (when adding an ad, request, message )

Thanks, we’ll try to improve the docs.
The recipient’s email address depends on the email context, e.g. if it’s a new listing email then the admin is notified, if it’s a new message then its recipient is notified, etc. It’s possible to change the admin email in Settings/General, but customizing the context emails or duplicating them would require customizations.

No, I need to configure for different messages to send messages to different email administrators to configure the message parser in the crm

Unfortunately there’s no such option for the New Message emails, they are always sent to the message recipient (the listing author, or the user if sent via the user page). Re-routing or duplicating recipients is possible, but this requires customizations Customizing Emails I HivePress Developer Docs - YouTube

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