Customizing Website with WordPress Native Page Builder


I’ve traditionally used Elementor for my website designs. However, after reading the forum, it seems that the recommendation is to use the WordPress native page builder.

I’m new to the native page builder and find it to have fewer options than Elementor. I’m particularly interested in creating customizable blocks similar to the image I’ve attached. Is this achievable with the native page builder, and if so, how?

Additionally, if anyone has examples of websites built with RentalHive or similar templates using the native page builder, I’d love to see them for inspiration.

For reference, my current project is but I feel like I’m not utilizing the full potential of the template.

Thank you for your insights and advice!


Yes, unfortunately, Elementor is not fully compatible with our extension, but we plan to add support for it in future updates. In our extension, you can edit pages or templates, please check these docs:

Regarding the site samples, please check these links:

Also, you can check all samples here Showcase | HivePress

​I hope this is helpful to you.

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