Default CSS options are not displayed in Divi

I am trying to use hivepress with the Divi theme. I seem to have no default styling. I can style it all from scratch but from the demos online it has nice styling already and am wondering how to get that to work with my Divi theme, or do I just need to do all the styles myself?


Please refer to the solution in this topic Divi child theme support.

I’ve read that already, I don’t see anything about the default styling in there. And I don’t have any of the other issues it talks about. I guess I was wondering if there was a default style sheet that I could get ahold of so that it would pre-style the plugin like I see in the demos. I guess maybe there isn’t any default styling?

Thank you

Yes, if you use HivePress with a third-party theme or page builder, plugins styles are pretty basic, all the extra styles are added by our official themes. We make the built-in plugin styles basic to avoid enforcing any specific style so devs can style the plugin layouts to match their theme design with just a few CSS tweaks.

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