Default outbound email to user/vendors


I just downloaded Rentalhive, so very new about everything.

I tried to register my self following the Sign in menu and I haven’t received the email confirmation on my inbox to cnfirm the email.
Do you know how I set the outbond emial from the company?
My idea is to create a new email address like “” or “noreply@…” to send when the sign in request is done.

Thank you in advance.


Hi @Andreas, I’m new as well and I don’t know either, but I might have a valuable idea meanwhile anyone more experienced replies. You may try using a plugin that logs emails (e.q. WP Mail Log or some SMTP plugin that offers logging, most do).

Until anyone from the team sees this, from a mail-logging plugin you will be able to quickly see IF the plugin sends email in the first place and secondly, the whole message, including the address the mail is being sent from.

Besides, using a mail delivery plugin is pretty much necessary with WP, unless you have 100% control of your server and domain. WP POST mail can not be relied on, most mails go to spam.

If this doesn’t help, browse thru the settings and even more importantly, take a look at the docs.

EDIT: Actually, I found this, better take a look here!

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HI @samb0,

thank you for your reply!
Very much appreciated!

I will work on it right now!



Please check out this article How to set up emails - HivePress Help Center

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