Default.php overwritten by some unsupported plugin installation

I don’t have backup.

I installed some unsupported plugin yesterday and I saw a white page. After successfully removing the plugin , I was able to get my site back which run listing hive. But the Blog main page, default.php (public_html>blog>default.php) got overwritten in the process and shows some information on hostinger, my hosting location.

How can I get back the code for default.php in blog folder ? My blogs and other data are intact.


Our theme does not use a file like default.php, so this is not an HP-specific issue. We recommend contacting your host because the WP site uses index.php.

Many thanks Andrii for the quick turn up. Your answer was a great clue to find a solution for it. Let me explain what happened. I contacted the hosting provider and they pointed me that this issue happens when a subdomain is created. This struck me since some days back I tried creating a subdomain under and this created a BLOG folder in there. Now though I deleted the sub domain, the folder still remained there. The issue was listing hive or hive press was reading it from there (which shouldn’t happen - think over it). So when I deleted the BLOG folder, everything started to work fine automatically.
Hope this helps.

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