Default text in the booking note

1- is there a formula or short code to put a default text, on the box “reservation note” in the addition of ad
2-how to remove the category field to the addition of ad during a new registration


Please let me know if you mean the same static text for all the listings, or should it be based on some attributes?

The category field is required if there’s at least 1 category added, unfortunately there’s no easy way to remove it, many features rely on listings categories.

I had made a request to block the numbers of the hosts (supplier) and that the telephone contact is unblocked once the customer pays online (as on airbnb), you had told me to use the keywords blocked in “message” and to put the coordinates in the “booking note”, but I have just noticed that customers deal directly: because they receive telephone contact at the reservation request (before payment) because our ads must be manually approved


There may be different workarounds for this, e.g. blocking messages until the successful payment, or adding a blocklist of patterns to block in messages.

Hello, how to choose to block messages until payment? and how to add a block list of models to block: because here is what I did but it blocks permanently


Please check the “Restrict to buyers only” option in HivePress/Settings/Orders section. Adding dynamic patterns to block (e.g. to cover all the phone numbers) is possible, but this requires some research, I recommend blocking the dial code (if there’s a common code) or other parts.

I did what you asked, but I really don’t see how to: Add dynamic patterns to block (e.g. to cover all phone numbers ???

This field accepts Regex patterns, e.g. you can try using this one Phone number regex PHP | UI Bakery to cover all the phone numbers but this may require further research.

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