Delete the listing price filter

Hello. Is it possible to delete the ‘listing filter’ that appears when searching for listings?


If you mean deleting all the search filters in the sidebar, then you need to disable the “filterable” feature for all attributes.

For example, if you have a search filter “Price”, go to the WP Dashboard>Listings>Attributes>Price and uncheck the “filterable” option.

Then do the same thing for all other attributes.

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Resolved! Thank you for your help.

Hello. Is it possible to turn off the fees filter?


Please clarify what “fees” filter you mean. Are you using the Marketplace extension + WooCommerce?

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Sorry, it was. It was ‘Price’, not ‘fees’. the Marketplace extension + WooCommerce enabled.

Please try this PHP snippet

	function ( $form ) {
		return $form;
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Thank you!!! It was very helpful.

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