Delivery of the order is not displayed

Hello admin,

I have searched this forum for a solution but my site does not what it has to do.

I have installed marketplace on my subdomain:

I want users to handle its orders manualy.
In the past it worked!
I saw a red dot for orders witch has to processed to delivered.
Nothing is happening now and i dont know why.
I also set the following settings in Hivepress:

If you need hosts to do delivers, then please enable Require manual delivery in HivePress > Settings > Orders > Delivery (to require sellers to mark orders as delivered), or you can enable Require manual completion in HivePress > Settings > Orders > Completion and set one day in Completion Period , then all orders will be completed in one day.

Also i have told woocommerce to regenerate its pages.

Could you please help with this issue?


Please disable third-party plugins and customizations (if there are any) and check if this issue persists. If you use a caching plugin, make sure that caching is disabled for logged-in users. Also, note that the delivery button is displayed when the order has a processing status.

Hi Andrii

I have disabled all third-party plugins but this issue still persist.
No notification on the sellers side so he can set the order to delivered.
For checking this i have also made a new installation with the hivepress plugins and woocommerce.
The seller is unable to confirm the order.


Please provide more details about the notification you are referring to, and we will try to help. Please note that the notification is sent when the order receives the processing status, and the New Order email should be sent to the seller. If you have enabled the manual delivery function, the seller presses the Deliver button in the order, and the buyer receives a notification that they need to check the received product, and then presses the Reject button (if any corrections are needed) or complete if everything is fine with the product.

​I hope this is helpful to you.

Hi Andrii,

These are my settings in ORDERS:

I want the seller to set the order to delivered in his order panel on the webstite after payment is made.
The payment can be Cash or payment by Bank transfer or even the order is free.

What i aspect is a link in the menu with a warning (red dot) to the order page from the seller where the seller can set the order to delevered.

That warning is not given and the link is not showing up.
So, there is no warning for the seller on the website that an order is ordered.
The seller also gets no email conformation.

It seems to be a woocommerce issue.
All orders seems to be processed within woocommerce.
A seller has no access to woocommerce.

I also discovered that woocommerce completely takes over.
All my products in HivePress have a copy in woocommerce products.
When i remove a product in woocommerce the product in the frontend of HivePress is gone.
I have to update that product in HivePress to appear again.

It seems that Woocommerce does not show the complete order status: my-account/orders/
When i make several new orders they do not appear in: my-account/orders.
Also no order status is showing in: my-account/orders.

THE SOLUTION WAS: woocommerce/settings/advanced/functions

enable Compatibility modus!

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Thanks for posting the solution!

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