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My website is almost ready to go online .
I have few questions about the design , wich i want to improve .
Can i design header and footer with Elementor pro ? if yes how to acsses the hivepress login and other features ?
If still not posible , i woud want to add message and booking(for reservation ) icon next to the account .

Found 3 little things that reduce the accessibility:
Buttons do not have an accessible name : mobile version - , a.hp-menu__item.hp-menu__item–user-login.hp-link and button.hp-menu__item.hp-menu__item–listing-submit.button.button–secondary

Thank you for the awesome plugin :slight_smile:
If i reccomend Booking reservation to be able to be accepted , from /account/booking - without clicking on the reservation .

Sorry, there’s no full integration with Elementor yet, but it’s on the roadmap. I recommend using Gutenberg and avoiding third-party page builders to keep the website lightweight and “app-like”, third-party page builders load tons of extra scripts and styles.
Adding extra icons or buttons is possible if you add them as menu items, or with customizations if you customize the site_header_block template.
We’ll try to improve the Bookings UX to reduce the number of clicks for managing bookings, we also plan to improve the overall UX (e.g. by adding a drop-down account menu, so users will not have to navigate to the account page first).
Hope this helps.

I dont have site header block template in hive press templates

Please do not edit the core file. If you are familiar with code customization please try to use these hooks to edit the site_header_block template:

Here is the tutorial on how to edit templates Customizing Templates I HivePress Developer Docs - YouTube

It’s not a file but rather an array of blocks that you can override via the filter hook hivepress/v1/templates/site_header_block Inserting any new blocks to it will add content to the area where the HivePress buttons/links are displayed (please check the tutorial suggested by Yevhen if you’re familiar with customizations).
Hope this helps.

Thank you ,

Still i dont find user login block in gutenberg ? shoud i make a new login metod ? If i make a new one it will be integrated with the plugin or not ?

If you mean the login form please check the User Login Form block, it should be available by default. If you use a third-party login form it should also be ok, since we use the WordPress user authentication functions.

Thank you ihor

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