Details about the hivetheme/v1/areas/site_header hook

How and where you can change the hooks of which there is no in Hivepress Hooks Reference.

Yes, this hook is not documented but this is the only theme-specific hook - it just filters and outputs HTML that appears after the site header. In our themes it’s used for the “hero” sections at the top of the page.

Thanks a lot. Maybe you know if it is possible to change and edit these hooks?

If you mean the hook you mentioned it’s used in header.php file of the theme and you can override this file via a child theme. If you mean the core HivePress hooks from the hook reference it’s not possible to change them, they are set in the HivePress files and have a strict set of parameters and returned values, hooks can be used for customizing specific functions without editing the files directly (e.g. if you want to insert a new field to a specific form).

Yes, I mean hook wich used in header.php.Can you please advise how to override this file via a child theme. Thanks in advance !!!

Please check this tutorial Customizing Templates I HivePress Developer Docs - YouTube

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