Difference between 'listing categories', 'vendor categories' & 'request categories'

I see that there is a menu option for categories for:

  • Listings
  • Requests
  • Vendors

Do these have any relationship with each other? In other words, if I build out categories should I create the same categories for all three?

If I create a listing category called ‘handyman’, should I also create a category in in requests and vendors with the same category title?

If I’m misunderstanding, can you please explain the purpose for categories for each and how they were intended to be used? or if there is a document or video that explains it that would be great as well.



No, categories for Listings, Vendors, and Requests are not connected.

Thus, if you created a listing category called “Handyman”, you don’t need to create the same categories for vendors or requests.

Hope it helps.

What is the purpose for categories in vendors and requests?

It’s the same as for listings, you can categorize requests and vendors to allow users to filter them by category on the request and vendor search pages. The only difference is that vendor and request categories have no Categories block yet.

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