Different attributes for Vendor/buyer accounts

Hello! I’m going crazy trying to configure this…
Is there a way to make the buyer account attributes different from the buyer account?
Can they have different account pages?
If a buyer registers to buy a service, it is very annoying that in his account settings he finds the same attributes as a seller.
It is useless that Hivepress asks for the same data (attributes) from a person who only wants to buy a service, fill in the same attributes as a seller, it is a very bad experience to create an account for a simple buyer
how can I solve that?
Thanks for your time!!!

Sure, please add vendor-specific fields in Vendor/Attributes section. If you mark any attribute as Editable and Required, its field will appear for vendors only. It’s not possible to add custom fields for buyers yet, but if you use Marketplace they have fields specific to buyers in the checkout form.

Thanks my friend!!!

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