Different colors for different categories - points on map (mapbox)?

I want to distinguish the categories of listings on the map by color, (i have 3 categories and want this colors: red point, green point, orange point) how to do it using a php snippet?


Please check this topic Option to customize the map markers

Why link on closed topic bro? It is not answer and it is not sollution my problem.


Sorry for the confusion.

We have sent you a link to a topic that is tagged Feature Requests, which means that unfortunately there is no such feature, it requires a custom implementation.

If you have a developer please check the hivepress-geolocation/assets/js/common.js file. The main issue is that this file can’t be overridden without editing it directly, and any direct changes are erased on the update. If you customize this JS file please keep it outside of the Geolocation plugin directory, you can do this by changing the geolocation script URL via the hivepress/v1/scripts hook, and keeping the new edited JS file in the child theme directory.

​I hope this is helpful to you.

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