Direct vendor registration questions

Hi guys,

I’ve searched all the similar topics for this request, but didn’t found the answers.

I’ve activated the direct vendor registration in HivePress admin panel. And using the page for it. It works smooth now.

BTW I saw in several other topics that some of our colleagues has noticed a thing when you activate the direct Vendor registration option and try to reach the site drops you to the login modal window.

And like me, they had the same question - How to drop user to the sign-up option not login.
Some of your teammates advised to adjust a redirect to a distinct registration page. That’s also a solution.

But based on your previous advices about other similar redirects I’ve made this snippet and it opens a sing-up modal when you reach the while being logged out.
I’m not sure where to write this, but I think It could be helpful for others and I would like to share it here:

		$redirect_url = hivepress()->router->get_redirect_url();
		if(!$redirect_url || strpos($redirect_url, 'register-vendor') === false){
			return $template;
		hivepress()->template->fetch_block($template, 'user_login_form');
		return hivepress()->template->merge_blocks(
				'page_content' => [
					'blocks' => [
						'page_title' => [
							'type' => 'content',
							'content' => '<h1 class="hp-page__title">Sign-up</h1>',
						'user_login_form' => [
							'type'   => 'user_register_form',
							'_order' => 10,

But after a view test I’ve noticed the following:

  1. After I’ve activated the direct vendor registration, separate vendor’s profile has gone and it seems to me it’s now integrated with main user account. I see it after my tests.
    And now there is no field for the chosen category in it. It’s absent. Therefore Vendor now can’t change it by him/herself.
    Also the Location field is not showing.
    -How can I add the category and location fields for Vendor role only in such a way, that User/Client role won’t see it until initiate to become a Vendor?

  2. Now, again, as the direct vendor registration is active, if a vendor registers not via direct vendor registration link, but via the the add listing button and fills in his profile first as per the standard flow and don’t proceed with filling in the listing details (because some vendors feel it’s very complicated to fill the profile and the listing at once or they for example changed their mind about adding a listing now and want to do it later) - his vendor profile doesn’t show up.

The same situation is with the user/client who would like to become a vendor and pushes the add listing button - if he don’t add listing his vendor profile doesn’t show up.
I think that as long as direct registration option is activated (in the admin area) in such cases those vendors’ profiles should appear in the vendors section as like they were registered via
And it’s makes sense to my mind!

Because this whole “inside kitchen” with this rule to obligatory post a listing to be able to show your vendor profile is very complex for casual user and such explanations make the content very complicated - not easy to use.

So I see it in such a way if we activate direct registration, it should affect all the rest processes/ways to register, not only by separate link. What do you think of it?

  1. In terms of direct vendor registration activated - I have 2 questions about simple user/client account:

a) Is it possible to make them to fill the 1st and 2nd name before they try to add a request? Now only username shows and the name is not required.
I’ve seen you have answered to the other guy that at the moment there is no such feature.
I would like to wonder if it’s planned in future updates or could you be so kind and share some info how I can implement this in the nearest future by myself?

b) Is it possible not to show the profile description block in /account/settings/ page for users/clients until they initiate to become a vendor?

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Thanks for this code snippet, it might be helpful for some users.

  1. Please send more details that may help to detect or reproduce this issue (e.g., a link to your site and screenshots).
    Also, please provide more details (you can send a screenshot) about what category and location you mean because these fields are not displayed in the user settings profile if they are not a vendor.

  2. If you have enabled the Allow direct registration feature, the user can register directly as a vendor only through this link /register-vendor. All other registration options will be by default, and to change this, you need a custom implementation.

  3. a) Unfortunately, there’s no such feature, it would require a custom implementation, but we will consider adding this feature in the future.
    b) Please provide more details (you can send a screenshot) of what the profile description block means because if the user has not become a vendor, only the settings and the sign out are displayed.

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Hi Andrii,
Here is the link to my website: (
Please don’t pay attention to the English translation quality we haven’t did the English version yet. it’s google translate.

1. Back to the first point - I see that after I’ve enabled direct vendor registration. Vendor’s account is merged with general user account.
I believe (if I’m not going crazy with this, but I feel I am :rofl:) there previously was a separate Vendor’s account (when direct vendor registration has not been activated) but now I’m not sure.

Let me try to explain. Now it works as follows:
Direct vendor registration is active.

a) User registers via register-vendor link.

b) Next, fills in his vendor’s profile

c) After it’s submitted, his profile starts to show to the public in Vendors area. And it’s available via my_site/vendor/vendor’s_user_name/
Here it is:

d) And now being a Vendor and signed-in I see “My account” item in the menu:

That how it looks after I’ve submitted my Vendor’s account.
I suppose it’s merged with default user account.
In my first post in this topic I was wondering - How can I see My Vendor’s attributes which I’ve entered and chosen while submitting Vendor’s account? For example My category and My location and etc?
How Vendor can see it and change his Vendor’s account after it’s submitted? For example to change category or something else?
It’s not shown here…

Maybe there is some special link to Vendor’s account (not public page) - with possibility to mage changes and updates and I can add it to the menu?

It’s seems to me a bit complicated.

And the same is for default Vendor (when he registers and publishes a listing) without direct vendor registration. There is no editable Vendor account page.

This was my question.


In the Settings section, vendors can change different details like name, second name, etc. Also, if there are some vendor attributes, it’s possible to change them too within this section. However, it’s not possible to change a vendor category once it’s selected.

So, simply saying, vendors can change basic registration details + vendor attributes within the Settings section.

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Do you plan to implement the option for Vendor to change his category after registration in the nearest future?
Maybe it’s a good idea to make a vote for this?

For example I believe it a great point to allow Vendors to choose several categories at one Vendor profile + allow them to choose categories for which they would like to receive e-mail notifications about new requests in them - not for the whole list of categories.

Lots of my users are complaining about this e-mail flood, not regarding their business. :sob:


  1. It’s not planned for near updates. But you can consider hiring someone on Fiverr to help you with it

  2. Thanks for your suggestion, we’ll consider adding this feature. As a workaround, you can create a multiple-select attribute.

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