Disable account requirement for reply to listing?

Hi, is there a way for a shopper to reply to the seller without requiring an account? Or is this not advisable? Right now, I have explanatory text above the button but I’m still worried it will deter some shoppers. See: LANTERN 300TQ – RV Rodeo

Unfortunately, there is no such possibility in the current version

Thank you. An email form option would also be a great feature.

Thanks, we’ll consider adding a simple contact form functionality instead of Messages.


Hi Yevhen and Ihor, completely agreed with Eyemonster.

A simple contact form functionality with some captcha to avoid spam messages would be really helpful. Visitors engagement is greatly decreased when they need to register before contacting the seller…
I believe this won’t take too much effort and time from your side to set it up :wink:

thanks, r

Thanks for your feedback, there were already a few requests for this so we added this feature to the Messages roadmap.

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