Disable cache in a production environment


Is it safe to disable the HP (HivePress) cache in a production environment, even if it means having additional queries to the database? Will all functionalities continue to work correctly after the cache is disabled?


Please use this PHP snippet:

define('HP_CACHE', false);

After disabling the cache, everything should work.

I hope this information proves useful to you

It seems that the vendor view block does not show listing count in the footer for the vendor if caching is disabled.

It should default to querying the database if there is no caching.
Can you please confirm this?

I’m using rental hive theme

Yes, some features may rely on cache. I highly recommend using cache to avoid numerous database queries on every page refresh. If you decide to disable cache, the listing count issue can be fixed if you override this template part via a child theme, but this requires customizations.

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