Disable price calculation

I would like the total above the booking form ($1.00) to not automatically update as the listing is created. How might I do this?


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Sorry, that was unclear. I meant to say “as the booking dates are selected.”

When a user selects a booking date, the hourly rate disappears and is replaced with the following (which I would like to disable and leave as the hourly rate):

This is the current code snippet in functions.php:

	function( $fields, $model ) {
		if(isset( $fields['price'] )){
			if ( !hivepress()->helper->is_rest() ) {
				$fields['price']['display_template'] = '%value% / hour';
				$fields['price']['display_template'] = 'Total: %value%';

		return $fields;

I would like %value% to not update when a user selects a date.

Hi Andrii - Do these new details make sense? Sorry if I’m not explaining it properly

I’m sorry for the delay. There should be no “Total:” part in the price format, please make sure that there are no other plugins or customizations that may cause this issue. I checked the code and unfortunately there’s no easy way to disable the price re-calculation, the HTML attribute that defines this behavior is set after all the PHP hooks (re-calculation occurs because of the data-render attribute on the purchase form, if you remove it via JS or another way it may work).

Hope this helps.

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