Disable the price re-calculation on form change

While placing an order the price bar doesn’t always update. In this case, the price is 50€/day, but selecting multiple days the price is still the same. Sometimes it works tho. Is it possible to remove this update option and keep just the price/day without the calculation of the sum? I think It’s confusing and it provides a bad user experience.

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Also, there’s a problem in the next page. What if I have to set a custom tax? It would be added to the total, but the client wouldn’t know why the price is increased. Is there a way to include a subtotal able to show the client all the cost items as they appear in the checkout page? For example:

  • cost for 2 days of rental;
  • deposit fee;
  • shipping;
  • etc…

Thank you.

Yes, it may be possible to disable re-calculation using a custom code snippet but we plan to fix this issue in the next update. It occurs if the form fields are changed too fast, before the previous calculation is completed.

Thank you for the answer. I have a problem though. I installed a separate plugin for the deposit fee which allows me to refund it manually. This amount gets calculated in the total of the form without any explanation (it adds 200 € without even mention it). Is there a solution for that, namely separate cost items? And also, what about the second part of the question?

Thank you so much.

Unfortunately there’s no option to show it separately until the checkout page, but we plan to improve this (probably by merging both pages, this would resolve the issues you mentioned). If it’s a security deposit please try using the built-in option for this, then the deposit is displayed separately on the listing page.

Yes I know, but with the built-in option, the deposit is refunded immediately when the order is done. Since we are renting equipement, we need some more time to check whether the items got damaged or not, so we’d rather refund the deposit manually after the check. That’s why we implemented the deposit with another plugin: the built in doesn’t fit our needs. I asked if there was the chance to set a custom code snippet to be used untill your next updates.

I do not want to uninstall your theme and plugins since I think it’s great and I paid for that. Is there a workaround for my questions? I need to use the website to test my idea.

Thank you so much.

Sorry, we can’t provide a snippet for integration with a third-party deposit plugin, this would require some research and the amount of the required customization is unpredictable in this case.

If the deposit delay is the only option we can try to provide a fix for this, the default delay is 12 hours so vendors have at least 12 hours to prevent the refund.

I think it would be great, that can solve a few problems. I need to extend the delay time for the reasons I mentioned. How can I do that? How long can I extend it?


I checked the Bookings codebase again and while it’s not possible to override this delay via an external code snippet, we can increase it (or add an API hook for this) in the next Marketplace update, let me know if a 24-hour delay would be ok.

I’m not solving the problem that way. I would need days before refunding the deposit cause the equipement need to be inspected in order to see if it’s damaged. My business model requires this approach, I’m not renting houses.

Well, at this point I think your product it’s not suitable for me. I might as well change theme. I purchased themes and plugins almost one year ago and I’ve never ever used them.

Thanks anyway.

We can add an option for changing this delay (or the API hook that will allow changing this via a code snippet) to the next Marketplace update, if it’s not urgent then the issue may be resolved, let me know.

Okay sounds cool. Let me know when the update will be approximately released.

Thank you so much!

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